5 Things We Want To See In Zelda Mobile

5 Things We Want To See In Zelda Mobile

Nintendo has announced that they will be bringing a Legend of Zelda game to mobile devices. But what will such a game be? A traditional 2D adventure like the retro NES games or perhaps a 3D adventure like the recent smash hit Breath of the Wild (which is available on both Wii U & Switch)? Well, here are 5 things we want to see in Zelda Mobile.

Let’s face it, traditional micro-transactions only benefit one person/company, the developers/publishers. The players don’t benefit hardly at all. I think Nintendo has sadly realized that micro-transactions are a better money maker on mobile than traditional pay once methods. This bothers me as I don’t particularly care for micro-transactions. I don’t like the idea of pay $0.99 100 times for various items/skills/etc. I’d rather pay $1-20 once and be done with it. Or even better, maybe do something like my next idea, tiered payments. Along the same lines, I don’t want to see charge/rest gameplay mechanics like a lot of free-to-play titles have. If I want to play the game, I want to play the game, not sit around and wait 5+ hours for some random thing to reset.

As I mentioned, I think tiered payments could be a useful concept for Zelda Mobile. Nintendo tried pay once with Super Mario Run and by their own admission had less than desirable results. They also tried micro-transactions with Fire Emblem Heroes. I’d like to see them offer a variety of payment tiers on Zelda Mobile. For example, they could offer a free demo of sorts of the game where you get up to the first dungeon for free. Then if you pay say $5 you get the first half of the game. Then if you want to unlock the full game, you have to pay $10. It could be broken up further into a set price per dungeon, maybe $1-2 per dungeon, $5 for half, or $10 for everything. This would allow Nintendo to offer a compromise between micro-transactions and pay once. This would also allow them to offer paid DLC (in theory) in the form of new dungeons for $1-2 each.

But what about the gameplay? After all, that is one of the most important aspects of a game in my opinion. Well, I think the best fit for a mobile Zelda game is to use 2.5D gameplay/graphics. In other words, you’d have features of both the 2D games and the 3D games. So for example, the main gameplay could be 2D, perhaps top-down like the original NES game (but with more modern graphics obviously) and then the cinematics/cutscenes could be in 3D like newer entries in the series (maybe even voiced like BOTW). I’d like to see them not offer the traditional types of dungeons too. We don’t need Forest/Fire/Water/Shadow/Spirit Temples like in OoT for example. What about a dungeon that is a steel or iron weapons factory or something like that? That’d be a bit different for Zelda. They don’t have to be making guns or anything like that, but swords, cannons, etc. would be fine.

So you know how Super Mario Run is basically just an Endless Runner set in the Mario universe? Yeah…I don’t want that for Zelda Mobile. Please don’t use any existing stereotypical mobile genres Nintendo. We don’t need a Zelda version of Doodle Jump, Fruit Ninja, or anything like that. There’s no reason why there can’t be a traditional style Zelda game on mobile devices. I don’t expect Nintendo to put forth one with the polish of a console based game, but a mobile entry can offer a somewhat similar experience. Think if they made something like a 2.5D BOTW but offered a multiplayer mode where you could co-op quest with friends. That’d be cool in my opinion.

Breath of the Wild flipped the Zelda series on its head and I’d like Nintendo to continue to do so with Zelda Mobile. Let’s really mix things up. The only elements of the series I would keep intact would be Link, Zelda, & maybe the Triforce. Everything else could be fresh & new. A whole new story would be awesome. We don’t need to defeat Ganon for the millionth time or save Hyrule yet again. As much as Hyrule gets overrun by evil, you’d think they’d have a better way of handling that/preventing it by now. The Knights of Hyrule aren’t that useful if Ganon keeps invading, right? I don’t know what the story could be, but I have faith that Nintendo can come up with something truly special. Maybe they could even make the mobile game interact with BOTW in some way? This would give players of both the mobile game and of BOTW a reason to check out the other game.

When Nintendo puts their effort into a project, it’s almost always amazing, and Zelda Mobile has the potential to be just that and to be Nintendo’s key mobile app/game that will entice new fans to games & characters Nintendo fans like you and me have known for decades.

What do you want to see in Zelda Mobile?

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