A New Five Nights At Freddy’s Game Is Announced And Canceled

Five Nights At Freddy's Game

A new Five Nights At Freddy’s game was recently announced and canceled by developer Scott Cawthon. He said you could consider this game Five Nights At Freddy’s 6 but that he was immediately canceling the game as he just didn’t want to work on it anymore saying it wasn’t fun for him.

“But after forcing myself to keep working on it day after day, I realized something- I just don’t want to work on this.”

Mr. Cawthon also said that part of his reasoning for canceling the game was because of fan expectations that each game be better than the last:

“With each game’s release, I think the expectations get higher and higher for the next, and rightfully so. Each game SHOULD be better than the last! But that pressure starts to mount, and I fear that I’ve been neglecting other things in my life for the sake of trying to keep up with those mounting expectations.”

He also said that he isn’t going to give any more details about the project and he’s asked others who were involved to remain silent too. Cawthon stated that’s not quitting game development altogether, he just wants to focus on projects that will be more fun:

“Does this mean that I’m going to stop working on games altogether? No, that’s not what it means at all. It just means that I want to get back to what made game-making enjoyable in the first place.”

Cawthon also stated that he wasn’t ditching the series outright:

“It also doesn’t mean that I’m abandoning FNaF. In fact, the first game that I’d like to make would be something for you guys. Remember Foxy Fighters from Update 2? I loved working on that game. It was a lot of fun, and it took a lot of the pressure off me knowing that it was just for the fans of the games. That’s the kind of project that I’d like to work on again.”

Even though this project was canceled, you can still enjoy Five Nights At Freddy’s on Android, iOS, & PC. And if you want to know more on why Scott Cawthon canceled Five Nights At Freddy’s 6, be sure to read his full post on Steam here.

Source: Eurogamer & Scott Cawthon

Image: Wikipedia

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