A Nintendo Switch Keyboard, The Peripheral You Didn’t Know You Needed

Here’s a new Nintendo Switch keyboard, a peripheral you didn’t know you needed. Well need might be a bit of a stretch, seeing as how there are little to no games or apps currently available on Switch to take advantage of such a device. But Dragon Quest X will be coming to the console, later this Fall, well in Japan at least, so I guess the manufacturer is getting a head start on things.

This Nintendo Switch keyboard is from a company called Cyber Gadget and unlike the one made by Hori, this keyboard allows you to attach your Joy-Con just like you would on the Switch itself. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with any Joy-Con but at least it’s light, as Cyber Gadget’s keyboard weighs in at just 250 grams (almost 9 ounces). Both keyboards appear to be only for Japan for now, but who knows, maybe they will make an appearance stateside if Square Enix brings DQX to the West?

Here’s the Hori keyboard, so you can compare with the Cyber Gadget one above.

Source: Kotaku UK & Cyber Gadget

Images: Kotaku UK, Cyber Gadget, & Hori

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