City Shrouded In Shadow Trailer & Screenshots

City Shrouded In Shadow Trailer

City Shrouded in Shadow, an upcoming survival game from Bandai Namco for the PS4 has gotten its first trailer. You can check out the City Shrouded In Shadow Trailer and some screenshots from the game below.

Here’s a Google Translated synopsis from Bandai Namco:

“BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment × Grandeserra ‘s tag, a new axis SF survival / action adventure “Giant City”. Various shadows appeared from “Ultraman” series, “Evangelion New Theater Version” series, “Gamera” series, “Mobile Police Patlabor” series, “Godzilla” series. Players go through the “living threats” brought about by the overwhelming scale far apart from human beings, and experience the story.”

So it sounds like the game will feature several characters from various movies/games/TV shows. Ultraman, Gamera, & Godzilla are all going to be in the game. According to the game’s Wikipedia page, it’s being developed by It is being developed by Granzella and is scheduled to be released on October 19th in Japan. There were plans for Vita version at one point too, but it’s since been canceled on Sony’s portable system.

Source: All Games Delta, Wikipedia, & Bandai Namco [1 & 2]

Images: All Games Delta



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