Do You Remember This Mid 90’s Sega Commercial?

Sega Commercial

Do you remember this mid 90’s Sega commercial? This was made right in the middle of the ongoing 16-bit console between Sega & Nintendo. Do you even know what blast processing is? Does anyone? In this week’s edition of Retro Rewind we look at the Sega Genesis and everyone’s favorite mid 90’s phrase, blast processing.

Well that’s the thing. Not many people did actually know what blast processing was or meant. Basically it was a marketing term Sega created to explain a slight technical advantage the Genesis had over the SNES. It was a decent effort from Sega to try to market themselves as the cooler, more adult alternative to Nintendo, something you might notice that Sony & Microsoft do to a lesser extent these days. But unfortunately for Sega, they still lost the 16-bit war to Nintendo. The SNES/Super Famicom managed to sell over 49 million units while the Genesis/Mega Drive moved nearly 34 million.

So while it was somewhat close, that’s still a gap of 7 million. Though compared to NEC’s TurboGrafx-16/PC-Engine, that’s nothing. NEC’s system finished a distant third with 10 million systems sold. Can you imagine if those 10 million people who bought a TG-16 bought a Genesis instead (assuming there was no crossover)? Sega would’ve been much closer to Nintendo and maybe could’ve surpassed them.

If that happened, Nintendo may have wound up the third-party game developer while Sega continued to make consoles. Though this is probably unlikely considering Nintendo’s huge war chest of cash. I mean if the Virtual Boy and Wii U weren’t enough to sink Nintendo, having a slimmer lead or slightly losing in the 16-bit days wouldn’t have killed their hardware business either. Still it’s interesting to think about. Most likely though, Sega would’ve probably kept on the same path with their bungling of the Saturn launch and the over-saturation of Genesis add-ons (Sega CD, 32X, etc.). And that doesn’t even count their software development teams (and the games they produced) which are a bit different from the mid 1990’s.

Partial Source: Wikipedia

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