European Nintendo Download For July 6, 2017

European Nintendo Download For July 6, 2017

What games and sales did Europe get this week? Find out in the European Nintendo Download For July 6, 2017! This week Nintendo Switch is getting Flip Wars, Implosion, I and Me, Shephy, ACA NeoGeo Metal Slug 2, & Vaccine. For Nintendo 3DS you can choose from Kirby’s Blowout Blast, Alchemic Dungeons, & I Am An Air Traffic Controller Airport Hero Osaka-Kix. New 3DS owners can also download Table Tennis Infinity. Wii U even got a couple of games this week, Revenant Saga & Rayman Raving Rabbids (a Wii retail title).

In terms of DLC, there’s new content for Blaster Master Zero, Harvest Moon: Skytree Village, & Pic-a-Pix Colour. Blaster Master Zero’s new DLC is available for both the Switch & 3DS versions and Harvest Moon: Skytree Village & Pic-a-Pix Colour are both on Nintendo 3DS. We posted an article the other day looking at the Harvest Moon: Skytree Village DLC if you’d like to know more details about that content.

This week’s deals & sales included discounts on a lot of Blast’Em Bunnies content, games from EnjoyUp Games, RCMADIAX, Lightwood Games, Joindots, Zordix AB, CIRCLE Ent., STARSIGN, Nnooo, nuGAME, Nitrolic Games, HULLBREACH STUDIOS, Super Icon, Petite Games, & Frozenbyte. There is a TON of indie games & content on sale this week.

Also new this week are a couple of Pokémon themes for Nintendo 3DS along with a Disney Tsum Tsum theme, and several themes from Atlantyca, Rainbow, & Animundi.

Source: Nintendo

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