Fire Emblem Heroes – 1.6.0 Update Details

Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo has announced details about the 1.6.0 Update for Fire Emblem Heroes. It looks like Nintendo is focusing on five different aspects of the game in this update, Summoning Events, Catalog of Heroes, Arena Assault, Tempest Trials, & other improvements.

With this update, all summoning events will let players do their first summon without needing Orbs. Appearance rates for 3★ and 4★ Heroes have been changed too. 4 star Heroes will have a 58% rate. Meanwhile, 3 star Heroes will appear at a rate of 35%.

Speaking of Heroes, the update will add something new called Catalog of Heroes. This will let you view dialogues that take place when you summon a Hero. You can also see their 5★/Level 40 conversation, and more. Another function of Catalog of Heroes is that it will let you see silhouettes of Heroes you’ve met, but this is only valid for Heroes you meet after the update.

Arena Assault is another new feature of the 1.6.0 update. The fighting doesn’t end until all your Heroes are defeated or you win seven consecutive battles. Heroes can only be used once until the end of the Arena or you game over. There will be items to help you out in battles though. Seasons for Arena Assault last one week just like regular Arena Battles. There won’t be Bonus Allies and Arena Assault doesn’t cost stamina. You’ll only be able to get EXP, SP, and Hero Merit once per day in Arena Assault however.

Balance changes have been made for Tempest Trials. These changes go into effect on August 11th. This coincides with the next Tempest Trials event, Tempest Trials: Reunited at Last. Once per day, players can triple their score on their first two plays of Tempest Trials. If you have Bonus Allies, they can raise your score and their abilities get a boost too. Bonus Allies will have HP+10, Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4, and double EXP and SP in Tempest Trials. If you don’t like doing the battling yourself, you can enable Continuous Auto in the game’s Settings. This will engage in battles automatically until you win or are defeated. Putting together a team will now be a bit easier with new team organization screens in Tempest Trials, Chain Challenge, Squad Assault and Arena Assault. You’ll also be able to create, manage and use reserve teams as well.

Here’s a few other changes in the 1.6.0 update.

  • Hero Merit’s upper limit is changing from 2000 to 3000.
  • On your first log-in of the day, you’ll receive a Log-In Bonus card.
  • You’ll be able to challenge yourself in new ways by changing enemy units in the Training Tower before battles.
  • Training Tower Enemies’ strength will be changed too.
  • There won’t be any changes to EXP and SP that you get in the Arena and the Training Tower for now.
  • The Settings screen has had some changes to how things are sorted.
  • When going through your teams, if a teams has no members, it will be skipped.
  • Gaius: Thief Exposed has had new artwork added.

Source: Nintendo (1 & 2)

Images: Nintendo (1 & 2)

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