FTC Disclosure Policy

Gaming Compass is a member of several affiliate marketing programs and as such we are required to provide you with this FTC Disclosure Policy. The FTC requires that all affiliates indicate that they may be compensated for visitors clicking on what are known as affiliate links. Gaming Compass may include affiliate links within articles, reviews, previews, etc. here on the site. All links to Amazon & Play-Asia should be assumed to be affiliate links unless otherwise specified.

What are affiliate links? Well, quite simply when you click on an affiliate link on Gaming Compass, it goes to the same site you’re used to, Amazon, Play-Asia, etc., but Gaming Compass may receive monetary compensation from that website for directing you to their site. So for example, if you click on a Amazon link here on our site, Amazon may pay us a small fee for directing you to Amazon. If you elect to purchase an item from Amazon after clicking this link, Amazon will pay us a small percentage of the sale for providing them with a sale.

Affiliate links help offset the cost of running Gaming Compass. Contrary to what you might think, running a website isn’t free. Domains, web hosting, and more cost money and that means in order to stay operational, Gaming Compass must generate some sort of revenue. Since we do not sell things directly (not counting the GC Store, which has items from TeePublic, Amazon, & Play-Asia though these items are not sold by us, but rather those websites), we use affiliate links to provide a small amount of financial compensation to the site. We also use advertising on our website in the form of banner ads to help provide a source of revenue for the site. When you view or click on an ad, we may receive a small amount of money from our advertising partners for showing you their ads.

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