Napnok Games Talks PlayStation 4 PlayLink

PlayStation 4 PlayLink

Gamereactor caught up with Napnok Games at E3 this year and had the opportunity to try out one of the first titles to use Sony’s PlayStation 4 PlayLink feature, Frantics. Lau Korsgaard from Napnok Games had this to say regarding the feature which lets players control PS4 games using their smartphones:

“PlayLink is an exciting way of playing games on your PlayStation 4 and you use phones instead of a regular controller. And you can do all sorts of crazy things with that. We’re using gyro for instance in Frantics. Frantics is like a bunch of mini-games. In one of them you drop with a parachute and have to move the phone to navigate in the air and you have to pull the parachute by pushing the screen in the very end. We’re using gyro. We’re using swiping, pressing and all sorts of stuff. It’ll be a bunch of different small, chaotic party games, mini-games, all of them having a small social twist so you can ally with other people, gang up on a person or sabotage them.”

Gamereactor also got to check out a couple other PlayLink titles, a trivia game called Knowledge is Power and a “mole game” from Supermassive Games called Hidden Agenda. You can check out footage of both of these below.

That’s You will be the first PlayLink game and was scheduled to be released on July 4th. It’ll be free to download for PS Plus members.

Be sure to check out Gamereactor for the full interview with Lau Korsgaard.

Source: Gamereactor

Image: PlayStation Blog

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