New Dragon Quest XI Screenshots And Details

New Dragon Quest XI screenshots and details have been released by Square Enix. The game’s official website has added new info about the main character and also has a Q & A section. According to Siliconera, the main character is being referred to as Eleven (not sure if this his final name or just a placeholder). He uses swords, both one-handed and two-handed and as such he focuses on sword based skills/attacks. He also has ones that are exclusively for the Hero like one called the “Zone Certain Hit.” This will allow a guaranteed Zone mode.

Other abilities he has include a spell called Kaclang which shields an ally from damage for a turn. Eleven also has a powerful two-handed sword skill called Devotion Slash. Another skill is called Sword Dance which is a Sword God skill. This ability can be used to inflict multiple hits on an enemy. He also has a one-handed sword skill called Dragon Slash which does more damage to dragons. The Zone Certain Hit skill we mentioned above increases certain parameters. Eleven has another Sword God skill called Giga Slash which allows him to attack multiple enemies with light damage.

There’s also new info on another character, Camus, a thief like party member. He can use several different weapons including daggers, one-hand swords, and boomerangs. One of Camus’ abilities is a Superhuman Skill called Clone. As the name would imply, this skill creates clones to allow you to perform additional actions. He also has a one-hand sword skill called Assassin Attack. This allows Camus to guard against enemy attacks. Another one of his abilities is a spell called Jibariina. This puts a circle on the ground that will damage enemies when they attack/move. Camus has another one-hand sword skill called Sword Guard, which allows him to more easily defend against enemy attacks [Editor’s Note: Not sure if Square Enix messed up on the website or Siliconera made an error as they have the same description listed for Assassin Attack and Sword Guard]. Finally, Camus also has a Boomerang Skill called Starburst Throw which damages all enemies with light.

And here is part of the Q & A we mentioned earlier:

“Q: Are there any story differences between the PS4 and 3DS versions.

A: There are no story differences between for the game’s story.

Q: Do I need to have played past Dragon Quest games to enjoy the story?

A: Since it is a completely new title, those of you who haven’t played past Dragon Quest games will still get to enjoy the story.”

Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time is scheduled to be released for 3DS & PS4 in Japan on July 29th. A Switch version is also planned for Japan, but a release date has yet to be announced.

Source: Siliconera & Dragon Quest XI’s Official Website

Images: SiliconeraDragon Quest XI’s Official Website, & Wikipedia

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