New Harvest Moon: Skytree Village DLC Released

New Harvest Moon: Skytree Village DLC has been released for the Nintendo 3DS game. So if you’re looking to enjoy more farming on the go, then you’ll want to check the new content. There’s new free and paid DLC both, with two packs for each. The free packs are the Farm Decorations Set and the Harvest Sprite Statue Set.

The Farm Decorations Set features 16 new customization items, walls, and decorations. Meanwhile, the Harvest Sprite Statue Set also has new customization items including a Harvest Sprite statue and a Harvest Goddess-themed pergola. As for the paid DLC, you can purchase the New Female NPC Set for €3.99/£3.99. This includes the new bachelorette Nova and a statue of Doc the Inventor. The other paid DLC pack is the New Male NPC/Statue Set. It’s priced at for €3.99/£3.99 too and comes with new bachelor Edmond and a statue of the Harvest goddess.

Here’s how Rising Star Games and Natsume describe these new characters:

Nova is “a kind and strong-willed girl who showed up in Skytree Village, yet how she got there is a bit of a tale in itself. Her father is a human from the surface world, while her mother is of the tribe of Gorgan from the Underworld Kingdom. Since she was raised in the dark and damp underground mines of the Underworld, the surface world is still a bit strange and confusing to her. Help her learn the ways of the surface dwellers! This DLC also includes a statue of the eccentric creator, Doc!”

Edmond is “a grand mage, who trained both Gareth and Tabitha, and whose knowledge of the world far exceeds either of them. Despite this, he is rather calm and introspective in comparison to the slightly arrogant Gareth and boisterous Tabitha. He has returned to the land of the Harvest Goddess after some time, but what brought him back? Is there some sort of deeper secret he hides within? Also included in this DLC is a statue of the beautiful Harvest Goddess!”

Source: Rising Star Games, Natsume, Nintendo, & All Games Delta

Images: Rising Star Games, Natsume, & All Games Delta

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