Next Gen N64 Nintendo 64 Controller Kickstarter Launched

Next Gen N64 Nintendo 64 Controller

Retro Fighters has launched a campaign for a modern take on the Nintendo 64’s classic triple prong controller. They are calling it the Next Gen N64 Nintendo 64 Controller and have launched a Kickstarter campaign in support of the project. The original goal was $13,000 and as of this writing they’ve already surpassed $39,000, three times the goal in only two days. There’s still nearly a month left to go, so it could bring in even more cash before all is said & done.

The $30,000+ total means Retro Fighters has already met all of their Stretch Goals, so backers will have more color choices available when the project is complete. The Next Gen N64 Nintendo 64 Controller features a Xbox style controller shape and all of the original buttons of the N64 controller.

Since there is no middle prong for the Z-Trigger, Retro Fighters has moved Z to the shoulders of the controller. There are two Z buttons now, but both do the same thing. They’ve also enlarged the C buttons, added a Turbo function, and improved the analog stick and moved it to the left side of the controller. The cost is $20.00 and it will support the Rumble Pak as well as Controller Paks (the N64’s name for memory cards).

You can check out the project on Kickstarter here.

Source: Nintendo Life & Retro Fighters

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