Next WoW Expansion Rumor

In what may turn out to be a major spoiler, there’s a new WoW Expansion rumor that hit the web yesterday. Blizzard has been adding 7.3 content to World of Warcraft’s Public Test Realm (PTR) and it looks like they may have accidentally revealed the theme/location of the game’s next expansion. If you don’t want to have it possibly spoiled for you, then don’t click below.


Of course it’s always possible that this could be content for 7.3 in some way, a possible 7.4 patch, or perhaps even a red herring. We’ll have to wait and see to find out. It’s been somewhat rumored that Blizzard may reveal the next expansion at Blizzcon this Fall, so maybe we’ll find out then?

Source: Wowhead & Reddit

Images: Wowhead & Nerd Appropriate

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