Nintendo Comments On HD Rumble In Super Mario Odyssey

HD Rumble In Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo has commented on HD Rumble in Super Mario Odyssey. Shinya Takahashi, General Manager of Nintendo EPD was asked about Odyssey’s innovation during an interview at Japan Expo. Mr. Takahashi said:

“As you know, we have a certain pride in this technology [HD Rumble], but we did not have many games to illustrate it. Mario Odyssey will, I think, be the true ambassador of its interest in a video game. You saw it with the counting of balls in 1-2 Switch, you will find the HD vibration used in a the same way, or even more spectacular in Mario Odyssey, for example when Mario drives a motorcycle or when he falls on plates made of metal. […] Its specificity is really that this game is going to be the first great ambassador of all that can propose the switch’s controllers.”

Super Mario Odyssey is scheduled to be released on Switch on October 27th.

Source: GoNintendo & Reddit

Image: We Are Daisy Wikia

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