Nvidia Earnings Are Up, Thanks In Part To Nintendo Switch

Nvidia Earnings

Nvidia earnings are up, thanks in part to Nintendo Switch. In reporting their 2nd quarter financial results, Nvidia beat analysts expectations by over 20 cents per share. Earnings were 92 cents per share. The current market value for the graphics powerhouse is $98.5 billion. They are forecasting revenue for the third quarter to be around $2.35 billion. Q3 ends in October for Nvidia. The Founder and CEO of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang, commented on the results and Switch’s involvement, saying:

“Adoption of Nvidia [graphics process unit] GPU computing is accelerating, driving growth across our businesses. Data center revenue increased more than two and a half times. A growing number of car and robot-taxi companies are choosing our Drive PX self-driving computing platform. And in gaming, increasingly the world’s most popular form of entertainment, we power the fastest growing platforms — GeForce and Nintendo Switch.”

Meanwhile, despite the good news, Nvidia shares were down 4.5% during after-hours trading. But with Switch continuing to perform well, it seems likely that overall things will continue to go well for Nvidia.

Source: GoNintendo & VentureBeat

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