Platinum Games Continues Switch Teases With The Wonderful 101

The Wonderful 101

Platinum Games has continued their Switch teases on Twitter. This time they are teasing The Wonderful 101 on Switch. The characters depicted in the image they shared are clearly playing a Switch or a Switch inspired system. Does this mean Platinum is bringing The Wonderful 101 to Switch? Maybe, maybe not, but since they also teased Bayonetta, it may be that they are teasing more general development for Switch rather than something specific. What do you think Platinum Games is teasing? The Wonderful 101 for Switch? Bayonetta for Switch? Something else?

Here’s the Bing translation of the above:

“#ザ・ワンダフルワン・オー・ワンが好きならフォローしていいよ Wanda Director who play our game corner ☺️ up illustrations of the pontoon bridge drew extensive modeling artist and pontoon bridge is painted in the past Volkan, imoto, tug, I was with! Spoilers and 🙈 ”

And here’s the Google translation:

“# If you like The Wonderful One Oh One, you can follow me Wanda Directors at our company’s game corner ☺ ️ our character modeling artist · Funabashi painted Funabashi’s paintings of the past, Immorta, Chugi’s illustration up too! Spoiled speech 🙈”

Source: All Games Delta & PlatinumGames

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