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New Antique Carnevale Details

Antique Carnevale Details

New Antique Carnevale details have been shared by Square Enix. The browser-based game launched today in Japan on the Yahoo! Game Plus service. It’s also available for PC & smartphones through Yahoo Japan. According to Siliconera and the screenshots on Yahoo Japan, Antique Carnevale seems to combine elements of chess and role-playing games.

Here’s a story synopsis from Siliconera:

A long time ago

The gods created a game, “Duel.”

In a world where war is forbidden,

and everything is decided from victory or defeat in this game.

To the gods, “humans” were simply just “pieces” for “Duel.”

But before long, the ego of mankind sprouted,

and they exiled the very creators of Duel, the gods themselves.

Even today, after many moons have gone by,

to compete for honor and power,

the “Duel” carries on with mankind.

Antique Carnevale also borrows ideas from reversi. You can use a camera on your PC or smartphone to play face-to-face against online opponents. One element of the game is a focus on humans and dolls. The player is known as the Master and you can summon beasts to use in battles. You earn more summons by completing quests.

The objective of a battle is to capture your opponent’s king. Combat utilizes a triangle strength/weakness system, similar to the Fire Emblem series. Each piece has an elemental type. Summons can’t necessarily be used right away. You’ll have to wait a certain number of turns in battle before you can use them. Each summon has its own waiting period along with different abilities. Players may also enjoy being able to customize their own team by putting together different pieces and elemental combinations along with different summons.

Its sounds like an interesting concept and makes me wonder if it will come to the West or not. We’ll have to wait and see.

Source: SiliconeraYahoo Japan, & Square Enix

Antique Carnevale Amelia Character Trailer

Antique Carnevale Details

Square Enix has released another character trailer for Antique Carnevale. This is the Antique Carnevale Amelia character trailer. Not a lot is known about the game so far, not even what systems it will be released on. More information is expected to be shared on July 18th. Gematsu has provided this translation of the game’s prologue.

“Have you thought about the differences between “things” and “living things”?

Or the differences between “dolls” and “people”?

If you ask, people will easily answer as such: dolls are “not able to move on their own,” right?

However, that is an invitation to the labyrinth.

Is a person unable to move by their own will not a “doll”?

Is a doll able to move by its own will not a “person”?

The explorers who wander around in search of an exit will find themselves deeply lost…

And then, one boy visits that labyrinth by himself…

He will listen. To the cries left behind by the “people” that have decayed in the labyrinth.

He will understand. The desires of the “dolls” captured in the labyrinth.

To that young man who stands in the space between people and dolls… I pray.

May the blessings of the people of origin be with him.”

Here’s the Amelia trailer.

And here are the trailers for the other characters revealed so far.





Source: All Games Delta, Square Enix, & Gematsu (1 & 2)

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