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Iron Harvest – Screenshots, Artwork, Details, & GamesCom 2017 Trailer

King Art Games has released some screenshots, artwork, details, and a trailer for their upcoming real-time strategy game Iron Harvest. The game is set in an alternate-reality version of the 1920’s where mankind has invented giant mechs. In the game’s world these inventions were used as weapons of war but now are used by farmers in their everyday lives.

Iron Harvest will feature a dynamic story with sandbox elements where you have to figure out how to complete the challenges of the game on your own. Combat will make use of a cover system as well as dynamic destruction. The cover system is automatic, but various types of cover will be more or less effective depending on the enemies you’re fighting against. For example, a small wall might not be the best choice for cover against a giant mech.

The game’s “civilizations” are referred to as factions and so far, three have been announced. These factions are the Saxony Empire, the Polania Republic, & Rusviet, which seem to draw some real-world inspirations from Germany, Poland, & Russia respectively.

Here’s some artwork & screenshots of Iron Harvest as well as a teaser trailer that is set to be shown at GamesCom 2017. Iron Harvest is planned to be released sometime in 2019 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: All Games Deltalzuniy, & King Art Games

Images: All Games Deltalzuniy, & King Art Games

Phantom Trigger – Screenshots & Artwork

Phantom Trigger

To celebrate the launch of their new action RPG Phantom Trigger, tinyBuildGAMES has released several new screenshots & some new artwork for the game. Phantom Trigger is available now on Nintendo Switch & PC.

Source: tinyBuildGAMES

Images: tinyBuildGAMES

New The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game Trailer & Artwork

The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game Trailer

TT Games & Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released a new The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game trailer along with some new artwork for the game. The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game is set to be released along with the move it’s based on. The release date is set for September 22nd on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, & PC.

Source: TT Games & Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Image: TT Games & Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Injustice 2 Starfire Trailer and Artwork

Injustice 2 Starfire Trailer

A new trailer has been revealed for some DLC coming to Injustice 2. This is the Injustice 2 Starfire trailer. Warner Bros. also shared some new artwork for Starfire, which you can check out below along with the trailer. Starfire will be available sometime in August for PS4, Xbox One, Android, & iOS.

Source: Warner Bros. & IGN

Images: Warner Bros. & IGN

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] European Release Date, Screenshots, Artwork, Trailer, & Details

The Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] European release date has been announced by PQube, Arc System Works, & French Bread. Screenshots, artwork, a trailer, & a few details were also announced. The game is scheduled to be released on PS4, PS3, & Vita in Q4 2017. Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] is set in a fictionalized version of modern Japan. Each month, there’s an event known as Hollow Night. During this event, monsters known as Voids attack people. People who are not killed during these attacks sometimes are imbued with special powers and are then known as an In-Birth. Hyde is one of the main characters and a survivor of an attack.

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] will feature several new characters including Mika, Wagner, Phonon, & Enkidu. There also be four new stages, Momiji Alley, Children’s Playground, Cathedral of the Far East, & Cafeteria. Certain gameplay features have been added or re-balanced to improve the overall experience. There is a new feature called Veil Off which appears to work with the game’s combo system. Speaking of combos, there’s a Combo Challenge Mode in Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] too. This mode teaches you new combos and tasks you with completing difficult challenges. A Tutorial Mode will also be included for both new players and ones who want to practice more before moving on. Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] will also feature a story mode called Chronicle Mode. As mentioned above, it’s scheduled to be released later this year. For now you can check out some screenshots, artwork, and a trailer.

Source: All Games Delta &  PQube (1, 2, & 3)

Images: All Games Delta &  PQube (1, 2, & 3)

New Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Kakugo Details, Screenshots, & Artwork

Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Kakugo Details

New Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Kakugo details have been shared by Capcom. Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Kakugo (AKA Great Turnabout Trial 2: The Resolve of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō) is the latest entry in the legal series, Ace Attorney. This information comes from the latest issue of Famitsu.

There will be two new characters in the 3DS game, Courtney Sithe & Maria Goulloyne. Courtney is the head coroner at Scotland Yard. She is an important person in the field of forensic science. Sometimes she comes across blunt, but she is serious about her work and bringing criminals to justice. Maria is Courtney’s daughter. The player will meet both of these women in the process of investigating cases.

There will be a case that is in a waxworks museum (featuring items belonging to the Rozaic family). The museum is located at the World’s Fair. This case is considered a “kidnapping” case, but the reality is a bit different. It seeming is actually more of a theft as a statue of one of the big criminals in London, disappeared from the House of Horrors. Sherlock Holmes is interested in the Rozaic items and called the case a kidnapping. This leads to some Joint Reasoning. During the trial, it comes out that a fortune was demanded by the thief in order for them to return the statue. Each statute is made from a cast of each person

Capcom also gave a few bits of info about the two Asinine Attorney mini-cases that will be pre-order bonuses. One sees Kazuma Asougi take on a case as to help prepare himself to study abroad. He will be facing off against Taketsuchi Auchi (one of Winston Payne’s ancestors). In the other mini-case, Iris Watson gets arrested. Sherlock Holmes has to defend her and Naruhodou Ryuunosuke will be helping Holmes during the trial.

New screenshots and artwork were also shared in Famitsu which you can view below.

Source: Perfectly Nintendo, 4Gamer, Bolt Storm @ Court Records, & Famitsu

Images: Perfectly Nintendo, 4Gamer, Bolt Storm @ Court Records, Famitsu, & Ace Attorney Wiki

New Fire Emblem Warriors Screenshots and Artwork

Fire Emblem Warriors

New Fire Emblem Warriors screenshots and artwork have been shared by Omega Force, Team Ninja, Intelligent Systems, Nintendo, & Koei Tecmo.  The new screens and art show off some of the upcoming Switch & 3DS game’s characters. All four are characters from Fire Emblem Awakening on Nintendo 3DS, Robin, Lucina, Frederick, and Lissa. Check out the screenshots and artwork below. Fire Emblem Warriors is scheduled to be released for Switch & 3DS in Japan on September 28th and elsewhere sometime in the third quarter of 2017.

Source: Nintendo Insider

Images: Nintendo Insider

Ys Seven PC Details, Trailer, and Screenshots

Ys Seven PC

Nihon Falcom, Marvelous USA, & XSEED Games have shared new details about Ys Seven PC. A new trailer was also released along with some screenshots of the upcoming PC action RPG. A specific release date has not yet been announced other than Summer 2017. So that could be anytime between now and September 21st (the first day of Fall this year is September 22nd).

XSEED Games Breathes New Life into Ys Seven with Upcoming Windows PC Release

XSEED Games, the independent-minded console publishing brand of Marvelous USA, today announced that Ys Seven, developer Nihon Falcom’s first entry in a new generation of its beloved series of action RPGs, is headed to Windows PC via Steam, GOG, and The Humble Store by Humble Bundle this summer. Originally released for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld system in 2010, Ys Seven will arrive on Windows PC with all the features of a modern PC release, including full HD, a smooth 60fps framerate, plug-and-play controller compatibility, and achievements on applicable platforms such as Steamworks and GOG Galaxy.

Offering satisfyingly fast-paced, real-time action, Ys Seven features a combat system that involves a three-member battle party with the ability to swap among characters at will. Series veterans and newcomers alike can expect to be immersed in a rich, vibrant world containing over 30 hours of action-packed gameplay and an epic storyline wherein players must reunite the estranged five tribes who serve and protect the Five Great Dragons – deified beings who may well be the world’s last hope. Ys Seven was the first title in the long-running action RPG franchise to reach a wide mainstream audience in the West, and the first title in this historically PC-centric series to be developed from the ground up for a console or handheld system since the mid-‘90s.

Ys Seven is developed by Nihon Falcom and is published worldwide for Windows PC by XSEED Games.

Source: All Games Delta & XSEED Games

Images: All Games Delta & XSEED Games

A PlayStation VR Samurai Game Has Been Announced

PlayStation VR Samurai Game

A PlayStation VR Samurai game has been announced. Winking Entertainment is bringing the game to the virtual reality PS4 platform. It’s called Reborn: A Samurai Awakens and will allow you to be come a samurai fighting in melee combat. Here’s a trailer and the full announcement.

Winking Entertainment announces a new Samurai Melee Action game “Reborn: A Samurai Awakens” for the PlayStation VR platform!

Winking Entertainment introduces a new Samurai Melee Action game “Reborn: A Samurai Awakens” set for release at the end of 2017 for the PlayStation VR platform!

Reborn: A Samurai Awakens is a VR-only first-person combat game featuring futuristic alien robot enemies. A combination of such gamer-favorite themes as “cyborgs” and “samurai” and “laser swords,” A Samurai Awakens lets players experience the thrill of ninja-fast melee action in an adrenaline-inducing VR world.

A Samurai Awakens is developed by Geronimo Interactive, known for best-selling VR game Pixel Gear, and published by Winking Entertainment. A Samurai Awakens has won numerous industry and gamer accolades, including

• 2017 Best VR game at PAX East
• 2016 Best Hardcore prize at VR Core
• 2016 Year’s Best VR game at VRDC and China VR game summit

Set in the year 2480, in its quest of galactic exploration mankind has incurred the wrath of an alien civilization. Players take the role of Yukimura Sanada, the famous samurai warrior of Feudal Japan, resurrected to fight against extraterrestrial invaders of earth.

Players can strategically choose to be armed with laser katanas, pistols and psychic powers at his disposal. Each hand can also wield a different weapon, so players can choose between a sword-and-gun stance, sword plus psychic power, or just go all-out with dual katanas or dual guns.

Players will be able to briefly stun enemies by counter-attacking at the right moment – “Hack Time” allows players to interrupt the waves of attacking enemies and retaliate with double damage as time slows down.

In each stage, there will be a multitude of enemies engaging the player, as players deflect laser fire while counter-attacking enemy sword swings from all directions.

A Samurai Awakens also features incredible boss battles, where anything goes – boss enemies may throw huge objects or just go full berserk. Special QTE motions can be used to combat these seemingly hopeless moments – that block motion or dodge to the side may just save the character’s life.

Reborn: A Samurai Awakens is slated for release at the end of 2017 on the PlayStation VR platform – developed by Geronimo Interactive and published under the Winking VR brand from Winking Entertainment.

Visit the WinkingVR Website to pre-register and try out the Reborn: A Samurai Awakens Demo at Gamescom 2017!!

Source: All Games Delta & Winking Entertainment (1 & 2)

Images: All Games Delta & Winking Entertainment (1 & 2)

New BlazBlue Game Announced

A new BlazBlue game has been announced by Arc System Works. It will be a 2D fighting game, but beyond that and the title, not much else is known thus far. The new game will be called BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. As the name would imply, there will be some crossovers featured in the game.

In addition to many of the standard BlazBlue characters, Ultimate Arena’s Yu, UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH’s Hyde, and RWBY’s Ruby Rose will be playable characters. Additional non-BlazBlue characters will be announced later. Konomi Higuchi is lead character designer for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Below you can check out some artwork for the game as well as a teaser trailer and the full press release. A release date, price, and platforms have not yet been announced, though one would guess that at least PS4 & Xbox One will be included, though that is not yet confirmed.

YOKOHAMA, Japan – July 16, 2017 – Arc System Works Co., Ltd. is proud to announce the newest installment in the BlazBlue Family: “BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE,” developed by Arc System Works coming 2018.

Cross Tag Battle will feature a dream-team of characters that have never before been gathered in a single 2D fighting game. Featuring Ragna the Bloodedge from BlazBlue, Yu from Persona 4 Ultimate Arena, Hyde from UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH, and Ruby Rose from the 3D animated series RWBY, developed by the visionary creators at Rooster Teeth Productions with more to come!

Cross Tag Battle features the work of Arc System Works’ up-and-coming illustrator: Konomi Higuchi as the game’s lead character designer.

Stay tuned for more information in the near future!

Title: BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
Platform: TBD
Genre: 2D Fighting
Price: TBD
Players: TBD
CERO/ESRB: Pending

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© 2013 – 2017 Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC.

Official Website: http://www.blazblue.jp/tag/

About Arc System Works
Arc System Works is a developer and fighting game specialist from Japan—best known for the Guilty Gear series of games and, more recently, the BlazBlue series—that has garnered international critical acclaim for its innovative fighting system and spectacular 2D artwork. For more information, please visit the official website at www.arcsystemworksu.com. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Source: Arc System Works (1 & 2)

Images: Arc System Works

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