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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Is Coming To Switch & PS4

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 (AKA Doragon Kuesuto Biruda-zu 2 in Japan) is coming to Switch & PS4. The sequel was announced during a recent Dragon Quest live stream held by Square Enix. They also showed some gameplay footage where they explore a field, avoid slug-like enemies, dig through some dirt, collect some items, and jump off a cliff into the water below. Players can now swim in the sequel, which wasn’t possible in the first Dragon Quest Builders game.  They also showed some more of a cliff area and they made a waterfall appear and then jumped off the cliff using a sailcloth-like item. They also showed them building a house together. Check out the footage below.

Source: Dual ShockersAzarioplays, & Square Enix

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