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Super NES Classic Edition – New Features Revealed

Super NES Classic Edition

New features have been revealed by Nintendo for the Super NES Classic Edition, the upcoming retro micro-console. This information was shared during the recent Gamescom event in Germany. One of the features announced is that the system will have the ability to Rewind.

This will let players re-do difficult parts of games, go back and get items they missed, or just explore a previous area more thoroughly. The feature’s time limit will vary from game to game. You’ll be able to go rewind back a few minutes in RPGs for example, but less than a minute in more action-oriented games.

Another new feature announced is that you’ll be able to have optional borders around your games as you play. It looks like this might be similar to ones seen on the SNES’s Super Game Boy accessory.

Source: Nintendo

Images: Nintendo

Kirby 25th Anniversary Sale Announced

Kirby 25th Anniversary Trailer

A Kirby 25th Anniversary sale has been announced by Nintendo. From now until August 8th, you can get a range of Kirby games on the Nintendo eShop for a discounted price. Games included in the sale include newer ones like Kirby: Triple Deluxe & Kirby: Planet Robobot on Nintendo 3DS and classic Game Boy titles (through Virtual Console) like Kirby’s Dream Land & Kirby’s Dream Land 2. Check out the full list of titles over on the Nintendo Game Store here.

Source: Nintendo (1 & 2)

Image: Nintendo

Possible Reason For Lack Of North American Super NES Classic Pre Orders

Super NES Classic Pre Orders

In a post originating on I4U News, the author Luigi Lugmayr speculates on why Nintendo has yet to open Super NES Classic pre orders in North America. The reason (according to Mr. Lugmayr)? Because the new micro console from Nintendo has yet to receive Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval. This approval is necessary for certain electronic devices, particularly ones which transmit signals through the airwaves, i.e. ones that have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. This is possibly one of the reasons why the Xbox One X has yet to have pre orders open.

Meanwhile, Mic is reporting that they believe this reasoning to be incorrect as the SNES Classic doesn’t feature these kinds of transmissions. The author Jason Faulkner says that even the NES Classic doesn’t have FCC approval but yet was sold in the U.S. for several months despite this. He speculates that the retail situation Nintendo endured with the NES Classic release may be the real reason why there are no Super NES Classic pre orders in North America thus far. Scalpers bought the NES Classic at a frenzied pace, only to attempt to resell the systems on eBay, Amazon, and the like. In fact as of this writing, there are many listings for NES Classic at over $200, nearly 4 times the original retail price of $59.99.

Even with the SNES Classic being about $20 more, it seems somewhat likely that scalpers would snatch up these systems too once given the opportunity. That could be why Nintendo is holding off on pre orders. The SNES Classic is scheduled to be released on September 29th, a Friday. So despite Nintendo’s best intentions, scalpers may still wind up with the majority of release day systems since this date is a weekday and thus most people who are interested in the system would be at work or school during the day when it would be available for purchase.

Source: I4U News, Mic, Google News, & Nintendo Life

Super NES Classic Edition Hands-On Hardware Preview From GameXplain

Super NES Classic Pre Orders

A Super NES Classic Edition hands-on hardware preview from GameXplain has been posted over on their YouTube channel. Derrick goes over some of the features and his impressions of the new retro microconsole from Nintendo. Check it out below.

Source: GameXplain

Image: USgamer

Retro Games You Need To Play

Retro Games You Need To Play

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