The Destiny 2 Beta Client Has Already Been Updated

Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 beta client has already been updated. This happened before the beta even officially started. Now the client weighs at a hefty 15.06GB on PS4. The beta was scheduled to begin at 6:00 PM UK time (1:00 PM Eastern) yesterday. Players can check out the beta through this weekend.

If you pre-ordered on PS4 you should be able to access it now. Xbox One players should get access to the beta around 6:00 PM UK time (1:00 PM Eastern) today. Other players will be able to play starting Friday, July 21st at the same time.  According to VG247, those of who are planning to play on PC won’t be able to play the beta until “late August.”

The PS4 & Xbox One beta ends at 5:00 AM UK time (12:00 AM Eastern) on Monday, July 24th. During the beta you can play the opening story mission Homecoming and The Inverted Spire, which is a strike mission.

PVP players will have access to two maps in the Crucible. One is called Midtown and is an Earth map. The other is Endless Vale and takes place on Nessus. There will be two different options available for PVPers, Control mode and Countdown attack and defend.

Source: Eurogamer, Arekkz, & VG247

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