Total War: Warhammer II Dark Elves Cinematic Trailer, Artwork, & Screenshots


Creative Assembly & Sega have released a new Total War: Warhammer II Dark Elves cinematic trailer along with some artwork and screenshots for the upcoming PC game. The Dark Elves are the third of the races that have been shown thus far that you can play as in Total War: Warhammer II. Here’s how Dark Elves are described:

“Swift to strike – and brutal to a fault – they’re capable of tearing down an enemy’s defences in a trice, provided they sustain their Murderous Prowess. However, a Dark Elf leader must preserve his alpha status in the eyes of his lesser generals and keep an iron grip on their loyalty, lest their self-serving, glory-seeking nature leads to treachery!”

Total War: Warhammer II is scheduled to be released on September 28th and is available for pre-order through Steam.

Source: All Games Delta & lzuniy

Images: All Games Delta

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