Troll And I Nintendo Switch Release Date Announced

Troll And I Nintendo Switch Release Date

The Troll and I Nintendo Switch release date has been announced by its developer Spiral House and its publisher Maximum Games. Troll and I was released on PS4, Xbox One, & PC back in March, but until now, it was unknown when the game would be released for Switch. Maximum Games has announced that the game will be released for Switch on August 15th.

Troll and I will retail for $29.99 and all versions of the game will be receiving an update to fix the game’s balance and add some new features. The update will include new tutorials, a mini-map, more checkpoints, three difficulty settings (Easy, Normal, & Hard), more text hints, faster speed when crafting, and more. A new trailer was also released for the Switch version, which you can view below.

Source: Nintendo Everything & Maximum Games

Image: Maximum Games

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